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Keynote Speakers and Oral Speakers are Encouraged to Attend ICCEIC2024 Conference!

    Civil engineering is an important material and technical basis for the development of national economy and the improvement of people's lives, and its quality directly affects people's lives and the development of society. However, the traditional civil engineering has been unable to meet the needs of infrastructure modernization, civil engineering and construction industry has ushered in greater changes and challenges. Therefore, the 2nd International Conference on Civil Engineering and Intelligent Construction (ICCEIC2024) focusing on the topics of civil engineering and intelligent construction, aims to provide a cross-industry platform for experts, researchers and scholars in related fields to exchange and share their latest research results and trends in the related fields, and the integration of the two, so as to put forward corresponding constructive suggestions to promote the rapid development and application of Civil Engineering and Intelligent Construction.

    We are sincerely inviting experts, scholars, scientists and engineers from all over the world to contribute and ateend the conference.

    If you would like to participate in this conference as a keynote speaker or an oral speaker to share the latest developments and future trends in the field of civil engineering and intelligent construction, please send your CV to the conference email address: